Symphony of Distraction

Jay Stewart - Guitar/Vocals
Steve Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Pat Solem - Bass 
Jimmy Qaqundah - Drums

Symphony of Distraction is a skate punk band founded by previous members of SecondShot. The songs are inspired by the member's favorite 90s punk bands, and it comes through clear as crack. Just ask PunkNews what they thought about their first release, Pudwack!

"This is fast skatepunk right out of the playbooks written by No Use for a Name, Pulley and the like."

Thanks, PunkNews! That's what they were going for, why did you give it a 6/10? Dicks.

Following Pudwack, Symphony of Distraction got started on their first full length album which would end up being called "Call It Off, John." This album was recorded mainly in California, but before the album was done, Jay moved to Brooklyn, NY for pretty much no reason whatsoever. Fortunately, all that was left was his vocals and mixing, so the album was finished in his shitty New York apartment. After some short tours in California and Japan, the distance between band members would prove to be too much and Symphony of Distraction would never release another album again.


They are currently making their Christ-like return from a 5 year hiatus with their 2nd full length album, Horse. Symphony of Distraction continues to keep their songwriting focused on fast, high-energy melodic skate punk. Fans of bands like NOFX, MXPX and No Use for A Name will find the style immediately familiar, though the songwriting and execution has a voice all its own.

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