Call It Off, John Lyrics

The Last Thing I Remember

Where did everybody go and how did I get here 
and I'd like to know how long I have to stay 
Like a living contradiction I watched myself slowly appear 
which then turned to me and pointed up my way 

He said 
"The past will come full circle even though  
It hasn't happened yet 
For better or worse 
the last thing you'll remember 
is trying to forget" 

Just liken heaven and hell 
everything there is 
exists in opposites 
So how can you say that I died when I never lived 
and snuffed like a candle I never will 

Don't Bother Screaming

There's no point in pointing fingers now 
Who cares who did what 
There's bigger issues to sort out 
Like how wet our children eat 
When Mom and Dad lose house and job 
And they attend up on the street 

If it's true that all we are are numbers now 
It's a shame everyone here's to dumb to count 
What we've done plus what we're doing equals were all fucked 

There's no point in screaming for help 
Because I don't think anyone's coming 
Dug this hole ourselves 
Might as well just that our mouths and lie here 

Put faith in politician's and god 
Hell while were at it 
Why not ask help from Santa Claus 
Maybe he and all his elves 
Could unroll a budget plan that helps us start to save ourselves 
Dickheads voted in by fucking idiots 
Everybody wonders why we've gone to shit 
I think I've got a pretty good god damn idea 

There's no point in screaming for help 
Because I don't think anyone's coming 
Dug this grave ourselves 
Might as well just shut our mouths and die here 

Don't bother screaming 

Forever Echoes

It kinda seems poetic 
Like pavement art in blood 
and any random things I scatter around 
Framed in yellow plastic and signed anonymous 
Without a will I'll leave only behind 
a few million unspoken words 
and one last one to you as you watch me fall 

And I hope you're listening now 
Yeah I hope you're listening now 
so when I call your name out loud 
On my way down 
I know it forever echos 

You said it so politely 
as it I should have known  
Then slowly turned around 
and made your distance 
Not taking it too lightly 
I'm making my rebound off of the floor 
and leaving with a few million unspoken words 
One last one to you as you watch me fall 

Lite is flashing out of sequence 
and the time is passing elegantly slow 
enough to give the act some clarity and purpose 

Boy is My Face Red

Tell her I'm sorry 
I wasn't half the man that she thought 
She gut what she paid for 
She just didn't realize what she bought 
A house built on a fault 
With a fresh coat of paint 
But a crumbling foundation 
Structural damage and poor ventilation 
In short, an asshole better with analogies than explanations 
If you see her, could you pass this along 

Please give my apologies 
To Jessica DeVries 
And let her know I'm not like that no more 
And I don't blame her for 
Hating me the way I know she does 

I won't get into the specifics 
They're equal parts humiliating and horribly horrific 
I just cringe 
When I think about the man I used to be 
I use the term loosely 
There were things I never said 
But they pale in comparison 
To the things I should have never blurted out 
Perhaps the biggest shame about having a small brain 
It always comes with a big fucking mouth

Never in Doubt

We're up in the ring 
and I've taken one Into the face 
I've developed a distance and an aggravation for 
the lack of a change 
These surroundings have slowly died away 
and though your passing all the blame 
there's a limit to my take 

We could have buried it in laughter 
and had better days ahead 
but since the truth is what you're after 
I always assumed that your fault wasn't ever In doubt 

I look at the room 
and down at the broken vase you threw 
it looks better now than new 
as it seems somewhat more honest 
And if we did the same 
at least we'd have somewhere new to go 
I don't know If there's any other way

Exit Plan

Read the books and seen the shrinks 
Nothing has helped the way I think 
And I doubt it ever will 
Sitting here with all this time to kill 
Everytime I go to leave 
My heart races, I can't breathe 
Out of bullshit strategies 
In the nose out through the mouth 
Taking pills I can't pronounce 
Don't help me now 
Sanity's saying "So long" 
Panic and anxiety 
All but overtaking me 
Sad sight indeed 
Sanity's saying "So long" 

All's well, out of nowhere boom 
That familiar feeling of impending doom, 
Public places, weekend crowds 
I'll die if I don't get out 
Think it's time I headed home 
All the pointless deep, deep breaths 
Have left me with no air left 
To tell you I gotta go 

I'm not sure what you'd call this, 
But I know it's not life 
Being scared of my shadow at this just don't seem right 

Remember when we'd go out 
To get dinner, seen band 
Without first coming up 
With an airtight exit plan

Here's to Me

I always said I wanted to be 
An overweight alcoholic with no money 
A job I hate and a pack a day habit 
A magician with a hat but no fucking rabbit 

Mission accomplished 
Here's to me 
Living, breathing proof 
That dreamers can succeed 
I reached for the stars 
While keeping my feet firmly on the ground 
Oh they'd never believe it 
If my friend's could see me now

Out of Time, Out of Place

A television static grey 
A bucket full of ice melted away 
A solitary figure with a cigarette 
staring out a window into space 
If you're waiting for a miracle 
there isn't much more time 
These feelings once ephemeral are building up inside 
Like climbing up a ladder and 
preparing for a fall 
The last few years of error we were building up a wall 
to watch it crumble down 

Sitting Pall on a plane 
A one way ticket stub now stashed away 
Everything in Its new place 
Home is just a the vault to escape 

I know your disappointed that I've given up my dreams 
and found the realization that the people that you meet 
aren't always what they promise and they're never what they seem 
Unroll a path to follow without knowing where it leads to watch it tumble on 

Out of time 
Out of place 
Sometimes irony can stare you in the eyes 
but we both know things are alright 
just not the same 

This is how it goes 
You're out of sight 
I'm out of place

New Cliches

Spoke the lingo, wore the uniform 
Found the most original way I could to conform 
Wine, women and song 
I had my thrills 
Ignored my declining health and the mounting bills 

But the good fight I fought 
Is no longer worth fighting 
The hand that never spared a crumb 
Is no longer worth biting 
I hied to be Peter Pan 
But ended up a broken man 
In desperate need of figuring out my next half-assed plan 

I've written more songs than I can count 
About hating everything, getting drunk, self pity and self doubt 
All in all I had a blast 
But now it seems those times have passed 
I pull my pants up to my waist 
Removed the piercings from my face 
Now I'm just an old man in search of new cliches 

All my favorite bands have broken up 
Or stayed together too long and now their music sucks 
(Propagandhi and the Descendents excluded) 
I think I'll just take that as a sign 
To move on to lamer pastures and tell my dad that he was right 

Alas, I have lost life 
You got me good 
Kicked me square in the nuts when you knew I had wood

Government Warning

According to the Surgeon General 
Women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy 
Because of the risk of birth defects 
Consumption of alcoholic beverages Impairs 
Your ability to drive a car or operate machinery 
And may cause health problems 

Union made 
Recyclable aluminum

End of the World

Everybody's out of luck 
Everybody's out of time 
We'll burn the world to save our sons 
Now fear October 21 
Wondering "what if'' is now too little too late 
Judgement has been made 

I've given up my savings for the cause 
(now that it's fucking worthless) 
Why bother with the future when it's gone 
(It never really mattered) 
You can thank me later when there's there's nothing left 
(A necessary evil) 
Sorry that I have to be the bearer 
but if someone doesn't tell you now 
then no one ever will 
So swallow up this bitter fucking pill 
Now the day has come and gone 
The butt of a joke Is what I've become 
And by spending everything I had 
my wife and children all have left me 

Now nothing that I say will be believed 
There's little respect for what I achieved 
With the never ending reminders 
and thousands of "I told you so's" 
My mind is moving ever slow 
Circling the irony that 
in essence my world ended anyway

Pardon my French

If you're anything like me 
You want to run to the window and scream 

Jesus motherfucking Christ 
Where did we go wrong 
Who are all these assholes 
And how the fuck do I belong to the same species as them 
There must become mistake 
Somewhere science got it wrong 
I've taken all I can take 
To hell with them all 

So self-consumed 
No shred of empathy 
Just thinking 'better them than me'' Is no way to live 
Splitting their time between ignorance and greed 
Spend it all on things they don't need just to say they did 

Surgeries extending wasted youth 
Rather be catered to than told the truth

Take the Plunge

Some would say that our lives are just beginning 
Then why does It feel so much like its the end 
The only thing that we both have ever wanted's forbidden 

Begged and pleaded with them 
They refused 
Life apart 
We'd never make it through 

Look in my eyes one last time and hold me 
They told us we couldn't take the plunge 
Dear, we'll show them won't we 
In a moment 
It will make no difference which side of the tracks you're from 

That whistle is our signal 
I wish they'd change their minds so we could stay 
We did our best to fight it but decided 
If we want to be together 
There's no other way 

Look In my eyes one last time and hold me 
They told us we couldn't take the plunge 
Dear we'll show them won't we 
Who'd have guessed this is where we'd end up

So Long, So Well

The end of the day and saying our goodbyes 
So much you have changed 
but then again so have I 
All the thoughts that we had 
when we dreamed up our plans 
could have never imagined 
things going wrong could have turned out so well 

I could tell before you even made a sound 
in a moment while your eyes were looking down that you have found 
everything that you asked for

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